Day 13-16 – 30 Day Challenge

Alright, I know. I’m super fired. I feel pretty bad that I’ve not blogged since Friday. I’ve mentioned earlier that this month has been challenging because I’ve been distracted. It’s not an excuse it just is what it is. The good thing is that I’ve still managed to lose weight every week. This past weekend I didn’t really track, I went out to some splurge-y meals. But I also worked out a TON. Friday I did cross fit, Saturday I ran 12 miles (and then walked at least another 3 miles), Sunday I walked around SF for about 4 hours and Monday I rode about 23 miles (from SF to Mill Valley and back).

This week (starting today) has been good so far….should be easy to track and stick to my plan until Friday when I fly to NYC. Goal is to be as good as possible but also recognize that I need to allow myself some leeway because I’ll be on the road for a week. Staying strong and determined that I can make it happen. Appreciate all words of strength that you can share with me.

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