Day 16 – 30 Day Challenge

Just realized my days are off because I skipped a number and went from day 4 to day 6. D’oh. So yeah, this is the blog post for day 16 (yesterday).

BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! LoL After a long weekend of not tracking I was back tracking yesterday. It’s definitely easier to track on work days when I have more of a set schedule around meals. It’s also easier when I’m not eating out but that’s not brain surgery to understand. I ate well, I tracked everything and I did a killer run where I progressively sped up from a 9:51 mile pace to a 8:17 mile pace. And somehow I lost 5 lbs from morning to evening. (WTF!!) I got on the scale yesterday morning and was a bit shocked by the number as it was much higher than it had been after my 12 mile run on Saturday. I expected it to be higher, of course you lose weight when you exercise, a lot of it is just through sweating but it’s temporary. But I wasn’t expecting such a huge jump in number. Who knew that a day of eating healthy and a good run could burn 5 lbs but I’m not complaining as it put me back at the number I expected to see.  Here’s hoping today is another stellar day.

Date: January 21st, 2014

Days Complete: 16

Tracked: Yes

Worked Out: 45 minutes on the treadmill

Feeling: LIKE A ROCK! :P

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