I haz an bug!

**Warning: This post may contain TMI for some of you.  Don’t worry, it’s not communicable!**
Oooh, nasty bugz in mah intestinez...

Oooh, nasty bugz in mah intestinez...

So I come home today and as per usual, open up my mailbox to see what sort of junk arrived today.  Typical stuff;  credit card apps, Macy’s catalog, Bed Bath & Beyond coupon…oh, and a letter from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Communicable Disease Control Unit.



For those of you who are having trouble reading it, it says that “As required by law, The California Pacific Medical Center has reported your recent campylobacter infection to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Communicable Disease Control Unit.

WTF?!  What the hell is Campylobacter and how the fuck did I get it?!?

A little background:

On October 1st I went out to dinner prior to seeing James in concert and after the meal, wasn’t feeling 100%.  I figured I had ate too much or maybe the food didn’t agree with me.  However, what followed was several days of cramping, diarrhea and fever.  I chalked it up to food poisoning at first but after having it for more than 5 days I made an appt to see my Nurse Practitioner.  When I went to see her, she suggested I take dairy out of my diet as it’s difficult to digest and to have stool samples be tested for bacteria.  Let me tell you here and now – pray you never have to do this!!  It is up on the list of most disgusting things you’ll ever do!

Anyway, so I did those, dropped them off at the lab on Friday and today (Thursday) I receive this letter.  Did I receive a call from my MD office?  No…instead I have a mild heart attack when I read the first few words of the letter, not knowing what the hell this infection was or if it was curable.  Thankfully as I read their fact sheet, I find out it’s a common bacterial infection that usually goes away on it’s own accord. *whew*

Still, I feel at least somewhat relieved that it wasn’t a)something more serious and b)that it was something at all!  No one wants to have to go through stool samples to find out that nothing is wrong!! LOL

Anyway, it seems to be going away.  Have had a couple nights of stomach pains but overall seems to be getting better.  Thank God I can freely love the dairy again and not feel guilty for sneaking it back into my diet!

Cheese...so good!

Cheese...so good!

3 thoughts on “I haz an bug!

  1. Yay! Glad you at least found out what it was and that you’re feeling bettah. Shame they didn’t offer any indication as to where you might’ve picked it up so you know never to do whatever it was again.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Those infections can be nasty and can get worse, yes, hard to believe. I have seen plenty of people with similar infections, never pleasant.

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