Inexperience, not immaturity…

I have a lot of friends. Being the social bee that I am, I have a lot of people I call friend (although very few I would call close friend).  These friends range in age from 21-47.  It’s quite a wide age range when you think of it, but I’ve always felt that once you’ve entered into your 20’s you’re an adult and are all the same to some degree or another.

This is wrong of course, but in my idyllic world I am wont for it to be true.  But I’m reminded of this from time to time when I see people do things or make comments about things that are either so completely out of touch with reality or just plain wrong.  Immaturity runs rampant across the ages…but what I really see with some of the younger people I have hung out with in the past is inexperience.  Inexperience in life, in human interaction… basic things that you only learn from making mistakes and getting burned, I suppose.  It pains me at times to see my friends fall into these situations…delusion gets the best of us at time but for some reason I see it more often with some of the younger people I’ve had the fortune (or misfortune) to spend time with and put energy and effort into.  Sadly, all I can do is sit back and watch.  Hope the best for those I care about, and shake my head and walk away from those who would brazenly throw their façade of “maturity & experience” in my face.  I would feel sorry for them if they deserved my pity, but alas they do not deserve anything from me but indifference.

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