Awkward moments…

You know you have them…watching the television show and/or film where you know the hero or heroine is about to be embarrassed, walking a different route to the kitchen in your office to avoid fellow co-workers, avoiding those persistent panhandlers on the street by taking out your cell phone…those cringe worthy moments that sometimes force you to change the channel, walk a different route or pretend like you’re talking on your cell phone to avoid a conversation…

I encounter this at least once a day in my building. Since our bathrooms are shared with everyone on the floor, I’m constantly walking down a long hallway to get there. Almost every time I run into someone I work with either walking back or walking to the kitchen. You feel forced to say hello but it’s awkward…why do I have to say hello? Can’t we just walk past each other? Why do I feel that common courtesy dictates an acknowledgment or a hello. It’s awkward as hell…but I do it….because I am a lamb in the pasture of society. Baaaah!
Tell me about your awkward moments? Make me feel less awkward in acknowledging them!

4 thoughts on “Awkward moments…

  1. very lucky that i don’t have many awkward bathroom moments.. except this one time when the client started discussing business while my associate and i were both INSIDE STALLS. good god.

  2. How about when you are on an elevator and someone else farts and gets off and you are left alone in the elevator and then someone else gets on and you kinda want to tell them it wasn’t you but it’s too weird to say so (and would make it seem like you were even more guilty?)

  3. I run into that all the time here. A lot of times I don’t say anything if I’ve already had an interaction with that person for the day. For example, our admin leaves her office door open all the time and I don’t say hi to her every time I pass. I always think it’s weird to say, “Hi, how’s it going?” to people on their way to the bathroom. I mean, they’ve got to be dying for a pee, they don’t want to shoot the shit with you! 😛

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