Reality Strikes (and Bites)

I’m fat.

Okay, bold statement, yes I know. Maybe a bit too strong. But overweight, definitely. I’ve known all this year that I’ve slowly started to gain back weight I lost in 2004, but haven’t been putting enough effort into getting it under control.

Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a long time to start running again (as I’ve been roped into a half marathon in 5 weeks). It was definitely a struggle running and I could tell I was really out of shape. But what really did it for me was when I got on the scale after working out and I was heavier than I’ve been in over 4 years! I had guessed I’d weigh what I did, but I was hoping to be wrong. Sadly, no. Reality STRIKES!! No more half-assed attempts. I will NOT let myself get to be where I was prior to 2004. So what this means is working out on a daily basis (with maybe 1-2 days off), really paying attention to what I’m eating (not eating out as much which fits in well with my desire to stop spending so much money!) and to start going back to Weight Watcher meetings. I used to go on Friday’s but as I have meetings all day tomorrow, I’ll be going on Saturday morning.

Some of you may think I’m being a bit ridiculous (how many times have I heard, “you look fine!” & “you’re beautiful as you are, you don’t need to lose weight”) but pictures don’t lie (and neither do clothes…there are several items in my closet that I’m avoiding because I know they’ll be tight). Take a look at this picture for Dec 2005. It’s a group photo – I’m in the lower right corner (with the red glasses).

Even just seeing my face in this photo, I can tell it’s much thinner there than it is now. So to accomplish this I need your help! For those of you who see me/talk to me on a regular basis, encourage me/motivate me! If I seem like I’m veering toward not going to the gym or eating/drinking something I shouldn’t, give me a hard time about it! If I talk back, tell me I TOLD you to do this! I promise I wont get mad.

Any tips from anyone who has lost weight in the past and kept it off? Or like me had a relapse and needs to find motivation again? Thanks in advance.


9 thoughts on “Reality Strikes (and Bites)

  1. Honey even if you gained 19281028 lbs you’d still be beautiful inside and out. Do what makes you happy. <3

  2. Although I think you are gorgeous, I understand where you are coming from. That you yourself want to motivate yourself.

    I don’t have any tips since I am in the process of trying to get in really good shape and haven’t reached my goals *quite* yet, but if I’m around and help motivate when I can! 🙂

  3. I’ll support you the entire way. I started with a trainer and it has literally changed my life. Everything is better. And I mean EVERYTHING! You will be so incredibly happy. It is a natural anti-depressant plus you look great naked. And that’s really what it’s all about… Go get em. I’ll applaud you the entire way….

  4. I’m fond of the words “healthy” and “fit” personally. I know that’s what you’re shooting for, but, somehow thinking in those terms necessarily includes a balanced diet and exercise. “Fat” and “thin” to me are just images, not lifestyles.

    That said, I know I don’t see you that often, but you have my support! I gotz big feet and I’ll kick your booty if so requested 🙂

    BTW, (it’s free) has some interesting tools for working on a healthy lifestyle.

  5. you do look gorgeous but i’m sure loosing weight won’t change that ;o) so good luck with it! and you know i’m here to kick your ass if needed!

  6. I don’t think you’re fat, and I think you’re beautiful. But of course, you just have to be happy with yourself. Your friends love you and will definitely be supportive. *HUG* 😀

    I’m excited that we’ll be at WordCamp togetherrrrr…

  7. Mellie, I am so there with you! You saw me mid-July. You know I haven’t kept all of my weight off. So we can motivate each other, even from a distance.

    You know what works for me, even though I so easily fall off the wagon? Writing down what I eat and sticking to the Weight Watchers points. I can’t deny it! It’s the best way to go for me! I lost 20 pounds in six weeks this past Spring! So write that stuff down!

    I love you and I’m so with you on this thing…

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