Checking in….detox week!

Hey kids.

I’m just coming back from almost two weeks of travel. One week was vacation and then I was traveling for work. While I did manage to work out several days, there was a lot of eating rich food and drinking. I’m feeling bloated and not sleeping well so I figured it would be a good time to do a detox. I’m dragging my friend Carol along for the ride. For the next week we’re going to be eating whole healthy foods focusing on veggies, lean protein and fruit. Low carb and low dairy. For sanity’s sake, I’m throwing in one cheat meal and the goal is to do some sort of activity every day (whether it’s a 30 minute walk or a 60 minute cardio kickboxing class). I may extend this for another week depending on how I feel, but I’m going to try and check in every day.

I imagine the first day (ie today) is going to be the most difficult. Even yesterday coming back to work, I was sitting in meetings all day with meals provided to us and snacks. It was so easy to just grab what was available. NO MORE! I can’t demolish all the hard work I did over the past several months so I’m forcing myself into another challenge.

Heading off to the gym to meet Carol for a run before going into our Total Body Challenge class. Wish me luck! 🙂

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