Day 2 – 30 Day Challenge

Day 2 was another good day. The only difference is that I was faced with a few small obstacles. But I prepared for them which is what made me successful. I knew I’d be at an all day meeting for work at a hotel. Instead of having to question what they’d have for lunch, I brought my own lunch and snack (and thankfully I did because it was pasta with a ton of cheese!). Then last night for dinner I went to my Aunt’s house to visit with my family. This is something I’ve done pretty regularly the past 10 years because I have choir down in San Jose. It’s a great opportunity to visit with my family. The only challenge is they often put out snacks (crackers and cheese dip) while we visit before dinner. I was able to resist (had watermelon on my way down which filled me up) and for dinner, I had a chicken salad. I also tried a new boot camp class at my gym yesterday. There’s a new location closer to my house which is great, with different classes. It was good, not something I’ll do regularly but since it starts at 6:15 it’s a good early option as my other favorite class doesn’t start until 7 and sometimes conflicts with work. Tomorrow I’m going to an Intro to Crossfit 1:1 at San Francisco CrossFit. I have several friends who have had success with it and Bob from The Biggest Loser is a fan, and since I love him and want to have his children, I figure I’d better check it out (kidding about that last part, but I do love him as a coach!).  Here’s to a successful day 3!

Date: October 30th, 2013

Days Complete: 2

Tracked: Yes!

Worked Out: Yes (60 minute Boot Camp class)

Feeling: Motivated and a bit sore.

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  1. Sounds like you did very well managing your day. I hiked 3 miles, went out to lunch and ordered salad, and only drank 1/2 bottle of wine (just kidding, just one glass).

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