Never say never again…

Well not only being a favorite Bond film of  mine (I wanted to change my name to Domino after seeing this film and recall attempting to get my parents to agree to it), it is also an adage that I now realize has come to bite me in the butt, once again.

You see, I’ve become a beer drinker.

I never thought it would happen.  I’ve never really cared for beer much and only drank it when it was the only choice or when a group I was with were drinking it and I caved to the peer pressure of not asking for a cocktail or wine, lest I be laughed at. ;-)  But here I am, shamefully proud to say that I like beer.  Now mind you, the word beer encompasses a large variety of styles, not all of which I am a fan of.  However, about a year ago I started a journey of beer education thanks to a certain beer connoisseur I know and the love has steadily grown to make me realize how much I love a lot of beer.

Last night I drank one of the best beers I’ve had called Double Vision Doppelbock. What makes it so amazing it seems, are the barrels that it’s brewed in.  It has a lovely caramel sweetness & is one of the smoothest beers I’ve had.  Naturally, it was found at Monk’s Kettle, one of my favorite beer serving restaurants.  I felt pretty lucky to have tried it since it’s only there for a week (or until it runs out!).  My hope it to find it somewhere and buy as much of it as I can!  Sadly, the brewery is in Idaho, somewhere I’m not traveling to this year (which ironically is a shock as I seem to have been all over the country the past few months!).

SO the point of all this chitter chatter is to one, recognize to mind your P’s and Q’s and don’t mince words.  I really hope to never say never again in regard to trying something new (and I’m also considering naming one of my children Domino). 😉

6 thoughts on “Never say never again…

  1. Nice write-up. 🙂 Just one correction: what we had was a special release of Double Vision that was aged in bourbon barrels and that gave it a slight bourbon flavor and a bit of vanilla aroma/taste from the wood.

  2. Ah Domino would be so brilliant (though Melanie is pretty great, you got lucky there).

    Oh and try Kastell beer if you have a chance, especially the stout (yes stout, it doesn’t taste like Guinness at all)

  3. Thanks, Pete. Don’t think that’s the barrel aged tho! Still will be good, no doubt! 😉

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