My New Obsession…Pocket Coffee!



Recently I was given gifts that my best friend in Italy sent back with a mutual friend who lives her in SF.  She saw him in November….I got the gifts 2 weekends ago….yeah, lovely.

Anyway, one of the gifts was a container of Pocket Coffee.  I couldn’t remember if I had tried it before but wow, it is SO tasty!  It has a  of a syrupy espresso center, then a sugar crystal shell and then the chocolate on the outside (I think I’ve read that 3 = 1 shot of espresso).  It’s made by Ferrero which many of you will probably know Ferrero Rocher (they also make Nutella!) but I’ve never seen Pocket Coffee in the US.  I think it’d be an instant success and now can’t wait to get more.

Do you know of anything similar?  I had read on someone’s blog that Trader Joe’s has something similar but I’ve not seen it.

Who’s tried it?  Any other closet Pocket Coffee lovers out there?

4 thoughts on “My New Obsession…Pocket Coffee!

  1. This Italian family fresh from Sicily used to babysit me when i was a wee kid in NY.

    hey had a similar thing, but it was Italian….they wouldnt let me have any because it WOUND kids up…

    I finally snuck on from Nina, the mom, and didnt sleep for 34 days.

    Well, slight exaggerations.

  2. Considering you’ve just posted my Christmas present, you shouldn’t be throwing stones in that glass house 😉 xx

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