Venturing into *gasp* the world of online dating…

Some of you may be asking yourself, why would Melanie bother with online dating? Doesn’t she go out enough on her own?

Well, yes I do. But to be quite frank I needed a distraction. Recent drama in my life has been giving me stress and I thought the best way to get around it would be to have some fun and join OK Cupid. I’ve had two friends tell me of their success (well, some success) on the site and I thought it would be a great way to distract my attentions for the time being.
Now, I don’t know how many of you have done anything like this before. Years ago I was on The Onion’s personals but times have changed! I signed up Monday morning and the madness started almost immediately. As of today, I’ve received over 100 emails…I can’t keep up! They’ve ranged from very interesting to wtf. I particularly enjoyed the fact that two men from Egypt and Jordan felt the need to message me….talk about long distance! 😛

Trying to figure out a system of how to go about this has been difficult.

Do you respond to everyone, even if you’re not interested?

If people are adding you as a favorite, do you look at their profile?

If they “wooo” you (yes, this is a function on this website if you can believe it) do you bother checking them out.

Decisions, decisions!

I’ve mostly just been checking out the people who take the time to write a message. That being said, I can’t respond to everyone. One particular gentleman wrote me twice…the second time saying something along the lines of, “write me back, I don’t bite!” So I wrote him a quick note to tell him that I was overwhelmed as still going through a lot of mail, etc, but that I was saying hi (FYI, not really interested based on his profile).

This was his response back:

Nice to hear from you. Thanks for saying hello. So your inbox is overflowing with desperate, lonely, sensitive men, eh? How… nice for you. haha! Beautiful women on this site get a lot of attention. Enjoy it! It’s nice to feel appreciated.

But I’m afraid you’re going to have to work a lot harder to keep my attention. Sure, you’re ok looking I suppose, but show me some of that quick wit and charm! Wow me!

Oh, and I’m on to you! You say you’re looking for decent men (yawn), but I think it’s just a ruse to find someone who is exciting, charming and fun. You can’t fool me.

As you can tell, I’m in something of a playful mood. Hope you’re feeling it, too. Write back after you get done letting all those decent (boring) guys down easy. I’ll be here. 😉

Cocky much? 😛 Why is a guy like this even online? Oh wait, yeah, because he probably get shot down when girls meet him and he opens his mouth!

It is truly amazing some of the responses I’ve received back. But for the most part, there DO seem to be a lot of decent, good guys out there…at least from what you can tell online. The good news is that it’s restored some hope in me that I am attractive and worth making an effort for.

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