Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day…does anyone really know what it means to Americans (other than the obvious 3-day weekend!)  Well according to Wikipedia, Labor Day originated in the 1880’s when New York’s Central Labor Union decided it would be a good idea to give the “working class” a day off.  Thank you Central Labor Union!

My Labor Day weekend consists of me spending much of my time outside of San Francisco.  Tonight I will likely head over to ROFLCon, if nothing to be amused by LOLCats but also to have a few drinks with some friends.  It’ll likely be an early night as I committed to driving my brother to the airport at 4:30 am.  Oy vey!  Toss in a morning run, I’ll be meeting up with friends to head to Napa around the noon hour.  I’m actually quite excited about this: we were able to get on a tour of Palmaz Vineyards and this is what they say about their tour:

“The tour consists of a walk through of several levels of the cave where we show how our wines are made using gravity-flow winemaking methods. Then guests will join us for a tasting where three winery-only white wines and three vintages of the Palmaz Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon are featured and paired with hors d’ oeuvres.”

After that we’re heading over to Tres Sabores for a picnic of sorts amongst the vines and watching A Fish Called Wanda al fresco!  Really looking forward to that.

Sunday I’m heading down to the South Bay to assist in filing music for our choir.  Not the most exciting thing to do on a holiday weekend, but one of my dearest friends is librarian so I want to help him out.  I’ll head back to the city in the evening to help celebrate my friend Rachel’s 3Xth birthday!  We’re heading over to Trax in The Haight…they’ll never know what hit them with this crowd!  Or maybe they will…it is after all a gay bar!

Monday…for the first time in years I do NOT have choir rehearsal on this day…what’s a girl to do!  I’m tentatively wanting to organize a picnic in Dolores Park…weather is meant to be gorgeous so we’ll see.  Ping me if you’re free that day!

What are your plans for the big holiday weekend?  And if you’re not living in this country, please let me know what you’re doing anyway. 🙂