Day 9 and 10 – 30 Day Challenge

Sorry I’m failing on posting daily. Yesterday was my birthday and I was in an all day meeting so I didn’t get a chance to post. I decided to combine those two days because to be honest, I was completely off challenge yesterday. I opted to enjoy my day and not track or follow what I typically do for my challenge. I suppose you could consider it a cheat day, but I didn’t track anything. So I’m skipping it as it’s easier.


Date: January 13th, 2014

Days Complete: 9

Tracked: Yes

Worked Out: No, took a break

Feeling: Not as motivated as I would like


2 thoughts on “Day 9 and 10 – 30 Day Challenge

  1. I am trying the new program with Power Foods – not tracking the eating of pf. This has really helped, even eating out. It, plus writing to you, has helped me get of the plateau I’ve been on for months. At our meeting Tue., they announced a new Facebook group: Gilroy Weight Watchers It will be a place to give and receive inspiration, resources, recipes, tips, questions 7 comments. It is a “closed” group so people looking can’t see who posted.
    You seem to be doing everything so well so may not need/want this but thought I’d share. I admire all the exercise you get. I hike 3 days, but ignore our gym membership. Bad me!

  2. I haven’t looked at the new program. It sounds similar to a program they did a while ago where you can eat as much as you want of a specific type of foods, without calculating points…is that it?

    I don’t really go to meetings anymore even though I use Weight Watchers to track. But I think they are critical – having some sort of accountability is good. I just haven’t had time to fit them into my schedule but I also get a lot of encouragement online. But I still like the meetings.

    I’m glad that I could help in some way, Nancy. It’s tough…keep focus!!

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