Day 7 – 30 Day Challenge

Today was a pretty active day which given that it was a day before a 15K race, was impressive. Got up early to walk with two of my girlfriends from SOMA to Diamond Heights. It was between 4-5 miles. Later that morning I went to a 60 minute Cardio Combat class. I always burn crazy calories in this class! Felt really good. I splurged a bit on something from Craftsman and Wolves early in the day so I stayed light until dinner. A friend of mine took me to drinks at Zeki’s (we downed an old-fashioned because there were crazy sports fans there) and then to dinner at Venticello. Had 2 glasses of wine, shared a pizza and had a few bites of scallops. Delicious dinner, but definitely filled up on the pizza. Hard to track because of dinner but I felt pretty good about the calories in/out.

Date: January 9th, 2014

Days Complete: 5

Tracked: Up until dinner

Worked Out: Yes. 90 minutes of walking and 60 minutes of cardio

Feeling: Not bad

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