Day 58 – 60 Day Challenge

Had a great work out today which always makes me feel better. I realize I’m only a couple days from the end of this month’s challenge. My weight loss has been slower this month but I realize it’s probably because I’m closer to where I’d like to be. I feel I’ve probably splurged a bit more this month than last, but I also feel like I’ve managed be fairly balanced with those splurges.

My plan is to continue in January. I’ll take the 31st and 1st off and start again on the 2nd. 🙂


Date: December 28th, 2013

Days Complete: 28

Tracked: Yes

Worked Out: Yes. 30 minute run, 60 minute cardio combat class

Feeling: Good


1 thought on “Day 58 – 60 Day Challenge

  1. Good job! I love the way you exercise. I’ve hiked twice this week, but my biggest weight loss possibility for this time is getting the flu – or something. Home again so things should get back to normal, whatever that is.

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