Day 53 – 60 Day Challenge

Decided to take it slightly easier on the work out today. Although I suppose CrossFit doesn’t seem easy to most people. But really it’s a 60 minute class but I think at least 20 minutes of that time the coach is talking to you or you’re watching your partner lift. So it wasn’t too hard although I was doing some heavy thrusters (shhh you dirty people….). Followed it with a 30 minute walk (15 min mile pace). Stayed within my points, did a really delicious chicken mexican stir fry (I LOVE CUMIN!!). Overall a good day, but I started feeling antsy last night. I think it was all the gift wrapping and being cooped up at home. Not used to that. LoL

Date: December 23rd, 2013

Days Complete: 23

Tracked: Yes

Worked Out: CrossFit and 30 minute walk on treadmill

Feeling: Antsy

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