Day 29 – 30 Day Challenge

Almost at the end of this challenge! It’s crazy how quickly it’s gone by. Today I set out to be really good and I was….for the most part. But I went over my points. That being said I ran for 40 minutes yesterday in the morning then did CrossFit in the late afternoon. So I was hungry and therefore allowed myself to eat more but still staying within my goals of eating healthy. I just went over points wise, but in Weight Watchers you get points for activity. So in a sense I’m within my points. It’s just not the “really good” I was hoping to be on my last few days. But I still resisted a lot that I normally wouldn’t have which was good.

One day more! Going to try and make it count. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so that’s when I’ll provide the update although it may be slightly delayed as we are traveling.

Date: November 26th, 2013

Days Complete: 29

Tracked: Yes

Worked Out: Yes – 40 minute run, 60 minute CrossFit

Feeling: Excited! 1 day left!!

1 thought on “Day 29 – 30 Day Challenge

  1. I’m impressed with how well you have done. I’m sure your final post will show good results.
    We are in Bakersfield at Ken’s mom and brothers, so don’t have control over what is served. Have tried to save points for later.

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