The truth is…

You cant handle the truth!!

You can't handle the truth!!

  • I have done about 2 hours of work today
  • I’m on a Weight Watchers high and hope it continues
  • I really wish I could find side job/project that would be interesting and fun and if it gives me more $$, always good
  • AT&T commercials have been making me cry lately
  • Excusing myself for the above as TOM is visiting
  • I’m really looking forward to my runs this weekend…which I kind of find sick in a way
  • I have been loving  the “How well do you know me” quizzes on Facebook
  • I’m having fun dating around lately…but still waiting to find someone who I feel as strongly for as I did my ex
  • I really want to be at Dolores Park with something delicious from Tartine
  • I really want to buy one of these
  • I was not happy with the winner of America’s Next Top Model this season
  • I love my family and friends and feel so incredibly blessed
  • I like random blog postings 🙂

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