Working on the soundtrack of my life…

What is YOUR soundtrack in life?

What is YOUR soundtrack in life?

I started thinking about this last night…as I get older, the more music plays into my life.  And I think about the songs that have weaved their way through my life…through my childhood, important, tragic, exciting moments of my life.  I don’t want to forget the music that has gotten me through my tough times or made me who I am.  I guess since I’m gaining a year in a few days it made me start thinking about putting together a list of songs that have played a part in my life.

This will be an ongoing project…I think it’ll take a while to put together put once I complete it, I’ll post it here.

What is on the soundtrack of YOUR life?

2 thoughts on “Working on the soundtrack of my life…

  1. It starts with a little Michael Jackson and Beastie Boys. Moves on to some Bad Religion and Pennywise. Forgetting not A Tribe Called Quest of course. From there we head onto Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker. Sidestep into some Talking Heads, Paul Simon, The Clash(!), and The Kinks. Of course then my old man wrote songs for an oldies group so I can’t ignore that genre either. Right now I’m into The Budos Band, The Hold Steady, The Helio Sequence and Lucero. Really this question is too tough to answer!

  2. Oh man – Ima have to think on this one for awhile. Music has always been a big part of my life. I know there are certain songs that take me back to certain places, evoke feelings both good and bad, etc. But wow….

    Great post 🙂

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