T-Minus 24 hours…

…until my half marathon!

This will NOT be my reaction to finishing...

This will NOT be my reaction to finishing...

Ugh, long story short, I got roped into doing the running portion of a a triathlon for my company.  Tomorrow morning, 5 teams (15 of us) will be either swimming, cycling or running in The Big Kahuna Triathlon in Santa Cruz, CA.

Now, most people who do this sort of thing would probably be pumped about tomorrow.  I am not one of those people.  I got coerced into doing this only a month ago, so I’m really not as prepared as I should be.  Yes, I ran in The SF Marathon a year ago….but haven’t been running regularly since then (sadly).  That being said, I did manage to run 10 miles on Labor Day, so I know I can at least finish.

To try and get myself more excited, I created a playlist today for the run tomorrow.  When I did the SF Marathon we weren’t allowed to have mp3 players on the course (although I saw a few).  Now that I know I’ll likely be running myself the whole way, I’m happy to have some tunes to keep me company (and keep me going!) while I’m out there.  I got loads of suggestions from friends on Plurk; some good, some bad.  But I’m pretty please with my final selections.  Most of them are rock or dance.  Check it out!

Again & Again – The Bird And The Bee
Tony the Beat – The Sounds
Song With a Mission – The Sounds
Night After Night – The Sounds
Us -Regina Spektor
Apocalypse Please – Muse
Time Is Running Out – Muse
Hysteria – Muse
Butterflies & Hurricanes – Muse
Starlight – Muse
Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
Take A Bow – Muse
Soldier’s Poem – Muse
Exo-Politics – Muse
F-cking Boyfriend -The Bird And The Bee
Assassin – Muse
Invincible – Muse
City Of Delusion – Muse
Hoodoo – Muse
Knights Of Cydonia – Muse
New Born – Muse
Rapture – IIO
2 People – Jean-Jacques Smoothie
Romeo – Basement Jaxx
American Dream (Joey Negro Club … – Jakatta
Lovely Day – Brancaccio & Aisher
Bushes (Noman Cook Club Mix) – Markus Nikolai
Getting’ In 2 U -  W.o.s.p
Finally – Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKn…
Song For Shelter – Fatboy Slim
The Soulshaker – Max Linen
Smoke Machine – X – Press 2
Jetfunk – Kidstuff
Let’s Dance – David Bowie
Under Pressure – David Bowie
Above You, Below Me – Badly Drawn Boy
Chocolate – Snow Patrol
Run – Snow Patrol
Walking In The Sun – Travis
All I Want To Do Is Rock – Travis
Good Feeling – Travis
Spitting Games -Snow Patrol
Gleaming Auction – Snow Patrol
Hung Up – Madonna
Get Together – Floor Madonna
Future Lover – Madonna
Forbidden Love – Madonna
Club Foot – Kasabian

LSF – Kasabian

Reason Is Treason – Kasabian

Cut Off – Kasabian
Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Kylie Minogue
Come Back To What You Know – Embrace
All You Good Good People – Embrace
Ashes – Embrace
Someday – Embrace
Wish Em All Away – Embrace
Laid – James
One of The Three -James
Say Something – James
Sometimes – James
alive – Festizio
Kids – Kylie Minogue
Your Disco Needs You – Kylie Minogue
Fever – Kylie Minogue
Burning Up – Kylie Minogue
On A Night Like This – Kylie Minogue
In Your Eyes- Kylie Minogue

Now, this is far more music than I’ll need to run 13.1 miles tomorrow.  But I figure I’ll be waiting around and before the swimmer and cyclist finish so I’ll have some time to kill.  Plus I may want to fast forward through certain songs depending on how I’m feeling.  I’m planning on playing it on random so I didn’t put them in any specific order.

What songs would be on your playlist for something like this?

6 thoughts on “T-Minus 24 hours…

  1. You need some Brazilian Girls – too bad I’m far away or I’d give you New York City – also the first two albums were very good.

    To be honest for me running music = dance / R&B music with a great beat to keep me moving. I would throw in some Kylie, some harder house music!


  2. You need the best song by The Bird and the Bee, “Polite Dance Song”. Then you need CSS’ “Cansei de ser sexy” (whole album) and Stereo Total’s “Oh Ah” (also the whole album, especially the cover of “Dactylo Rock” by the Pop Tarts).

  3. Ello! ^^

    I used to do Marathon running and I must say that you could do much worse than lots of Muse. Although I would avoid Snow Patrol.

    If you want Adrenaline music I would suggest:

    My Chemical Romance: Hang Em High and House of Wolves
    30 Seconds to Mars: Battle of One
    Finch: Project Mayhem (bit harsh but fast)
    Pendulum: Propane Nightmares
    Fatboy Slim: The Journey
    The Automatic: Anything from ‘This is a Fix’

    Good luck! 😉

    /Ollie_Miles @ Twitter

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