Pleez to haz a break?

Time and time again I find myself being run down and exhausted because I’ve become TOO social. Is that possible? Yes, quite. My friend Tim would probably disagree with me, but considering I’ve not had a night to myself in about 3 weeks, I’d say I’m due.

So what have I been up to? Well lets see, there was the Date My Friend Event last night at Supper Club . For $10 you can get shots of wine, eat cookies, bad cheese and brownie bites and mingle with some of SF’s hottest…or nottest! Wednesday night we had a surprise birthday party at La Fondue. The food and service were outstanding. Definitely worth a visit if you even want to make it a point to be down in Saratoga. Reservations are a must though and expect at least a 3 hr meal. Tuesday night was Yelp’s Elite Event at Butterfly. There was a great pic of me taken at this by my friend Carlos.

My true love...

My true love...

It was a great chance to catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and overall, I liked the event. The restaurant has a cool layout and the food was really good! Definitely will have to keep that on the list of potential date places. Monday night I had a date with a guy from OKC. Had drinks at Madrone and dinner at Herbivore (he’s a vegetarian….ooh!). It actually went a lot better than I would expect any first date to go. We had been chatting for almost a week and it was very natural and great. I’ll keep you posted on this one! Sunday was WordPress’ Scavenger Hunt. Pics can be found here. Team SoberFAIL didn’t win but we were the most coordinated team out there.

Check us out:

Team SoberFAIL

Team SoberFAIL

I think that catches up my week. I’m off to see Radiohead tonight. I’m not going to link to that because if anyone DOESN’T know who Radiohead is…well, lets just say don’t admit to it on here for fear of retribution!!

3 thoughts on “Pleez to haz a break?

  1. This is one of the reasons we had to move away from San Francisco. Too much time and money spent out.

  2. I know the feeling. I am starting to keep myself a calendar now because I am so social. I think I need to scale it back but there is always something awesome going on and I cannot help it.

    Furthermore, I want to hear a more detailed review of the OKCupid date! Sometimes I wish there were a review website, similar to Yelp, but about dates.

    Then again, that could get ugly REAL quick.

  3. Hence why I haven’t been going out lately. I’m on total social overload. I’m exhausted constantly and the stress of my living situation is causing me to go insane.

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